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£5045 Donated to Mountbatten Hampshire Hospice 

JMF Purchase 2 Beds and 10 Fleeces 

Mountbatten Hospice is a charity which provides free care and support to people with life limiting illness; including respitory disease, motor neurone disease, heart disease, advanced dementia and cancer. Also provided is free bereavement and psychological support to patients and their families. Their strapline 'living, dying, remembering', reminds us that Mountbatten Hospice is there for the community every step of the way, at any stage of life, death and bereavement. They are an independent charity that each year, must raise more than £7 million to ensure they can care for the growing number of people who need them.

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Our Support 

Jenna Marie Foundation spoke with Mountbatten Hampshire Hospice to ask them for ways that we can provide support. It was decided that a donation of £5045 would be made, to cover the purchase of 2 new beds and 10 fleeces. The pictures above show the 2 beds, and an example of one of the lovely yellow soft fleeces. 

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